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The 5 Habits of Highly Successful Content Creators

I’m going to go ahead and share these 5 content creator habits. They’re not in any particular order, but I did Save The Best For Last.

So, make sure you stick around to the end so that you could hear what I think is one of the most important habits so that you can actually make it in this industry.

Stay on Top of Industry Trends

All right So the first habit is going to be being really on top of Trends When you are a content creator and you’re someone that is getting paid to create content You really can’t be a sheep. You have to be someone who is going to push yourself creatively.

Not only be on top of Trends Make Trends, right? Feel confident enough to push yourself to see what’s happening in the industry. So like what’s really popular right now and where do you see things going That’s also a place that you should think of.

I’m going to stay up to date with what works on social right now. We’re seeing a lot of creators and custom content creators really perfecting their reels. They’re, perfecting short form, video content because that’s trendy right now.

That’s what a lot of their clients are looking to get, or is it figuring out like AR filters We’re seeing a lot of creators in my community, build out AR filters, and they’re doing it for themselves, but they’re also doing it to show the Brands.

Pick your job as a creator, that is getting paid and again, a habit is to be constantly looking to see what’s doing well, what’s new? So you can present this to your clients as something that you offer.

Constantly Update Your Portfolio

The second tip that is so important as a habit is, Constantly Update your portfolio.

I know it’s so annoying and So hard to do and so logistical Part of being a Creator is just like I want to create, I want to shoot content, want to have fun, but then when it comes to putting your portfolio together or even updating it.

I know for so many of you, it is tough because it’s something we have to do monthly, you know, we have to go in and update our portfolios.

It’s a struggle for some maybe it’s not for all, but not updating your portfolio is leaving money on the table because when you are pitching to Brands you want to have the most up-to-date content up there, right? and remember not everything that you create makes it to the Instagram or makes it to TikTok or makes it to YouTube wherever you create your content.

So having a solid portfolio that is updated and fresh is going to help you get the job.

Think about it as your resume what if you had a resume that was super outdated and had none of your relevant work experience.

You’re not going to get the job right versus if you’re like, this is all the new stuff.

I’ve been working on It’s that’s the type of mindset you need and that is a tip that the creators that are killing it, making money, and are successful are constantly doing updating.

Produce Content Regularly

I’ve seen in my third habit of Highly Successful content creators is producing regularly. Now, this is the old saying if you don’t use it, you lose it.

This is what I mean by this is whether whatever type of content you’re creating, whether you’re writing, copywriting, shooting photos, or video.

It’s something that you have to keep that muscle warm Now, I don’t mean overproduce and making you know overwork for But,

I mean that you have to touch base with your skill and feel like you’re actually feeling that fire, and sometimes it’s not even like using the content you know or creating the content, It’s jotting ideas.

10-15 minutes a day what are some new ideas for Content that you have, It’s being top of mine, and the content creators that I know they’re always taking notes and always writing down. Oh, I want to shoot that or all I want to do this or this is a great topic.

When produced regularly, it’s not always produced the main content. Now, if you need a little push and a little bit of accountability and a good kick in the old, you know, where to make sure that you stay on track.

Establishing Your Own Style

Now, another really big habit of some creators that I’ve seen that are super successful is establishing your own voice, you as a Creator, you know, we want to know when we look at this post.

I know, especially on Tiktok because it’s such a niche Community. This is really easy to do I’ve seen a lot of accounts that I know right away.

It’s that person’s content, a lot of photographers, maybe have a filter or preset or style. That is typically them and I think these are important things to consider, especially when you’re looking to stand out.

For example, content creators find their own Instagram highlight ideas to keep their viewers and subscribers engaged.

Distance between you and your work

Now. I think this habit, it’s not my last one but all more getting there. This one is really important too and I call this creating some distance between you and your work I think a lot of content creators take their work as a reflection of them.

So it’s really personal and because of that, they’re unable to get feedback to push themselves to grow and keep going. So if you’re able to create a little bit of distance between you and your work, so it’s not so personal. You look at it more as like, okay, this is something I’m doing but it’s not reflective of me.

It allows you to get feedback from, obviously, mentors in the community or people that you respect now and I say feedback.

I don’t mean from like, Mom and Dad and cousin, who are don’t know what you’re doing and still think you post content is like, I don’t know. I hear it all the time. Like, oh, no one gets what I do, right.

So I’m not saying be back from those people I’m saying from your peers in the industry you just want to be able to take that feedback,

So that you can really grow and not feel like you know, you know it all because we all obviously don’t right. We all need people to help push us and make us better.

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