What Do You Mean By Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) & How Can You Reduce Them?

The pure water you get today for drinking is loaded with hazardous chemicals and contaminants from multiple water treatment plants. Due to this, the organic minerals present in freshwater are carried away. When this is the situation, it is necessary to use accurate filtration methods to eliminate contaminants and ensure that the water you drink is safe for drinking. 

The primary contaminant in water refers to total dissolved solids. It is left within the water after the normal filtration process is done. Total dissolved solids are contaminants that are measured more than 2 micrometres. A good quality water purifier can eliminate particles that are 0.5 microns in dimension and come from multiple sources. Post filtration procedure, the ultimate contaminants within water contain ions and charged atoms. 

Moderate to high total dissolved solids in water transform the water taste and come with multiple health problems. Purchasing a good quality RO water purification system in India is one of the most productive ways to maintain total dissolved solid levels. This article discusses all the procedures for eliminating other total dissolved solids in water. 

What Do You Mean By Total Dissolved Solids?

TDS or total dissolved solids refer to inorganic and organic materials, including ions and minerals that remain dissolved in a quantity of water. With the passage of water through pipes, stones and multiple surfaces, total dissolved solids are absorbed within the water. It is when you need to look for a water purifier service near me. A water purifier servicing professional can eliminate total dissolved solids from water and repair the RO filter by changing the filters and membrane on time. 

Total dissolved solids in water can arrive from multiple sources like minerals and chemicals utilised for treating water, fertilisers and chemicals from agriculture farms and more. Sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium carbonate and hydrogen carbonate, carbonate, sulphate, nitrate, chloride and ions are the primary constituents of total dissolved solids in water. 

Why Should You Measure Total Dissolved Solids?

The freshwater that you get exceeds the optimum level of total dissolved solids that require to be there in the water. Water with a dissolved solid content of more than 1000 milligrams per litre is unsuitable for consumption. It is a level of total dissolved solids in water that can lead to multiple health problems. 

If toxic ions like cadmium, nitrate, lead and arsenic are present in water, they can point to multiple severe health problems. It is particularly essential for kids as they are sensitive to water contaminants, and their immunity has not been entirely developed. The clear and safer the water, the better the health of individuals. There are multiple RO water purifiers available in India with a total reserved solid controller to ensure that the water you are drinking is healthy and safe for consumption. 

What Should Be The TDS Level?

There is a permissible range when it comes to total dissolved solids in pure water and beyond that limit is not fit for drinking. Total result solids in water do not measure a particular contaminant, so you cannot regulate it as a health problem for multiple government agencies. When the actual result is high, it can affect the odour and taste of water. Five hundred milligrams per litre is the maximum recommended level for total dissolved solids in water. 

The amount of total dissolved solids in water can be found with the help of a TDS calculator. It helps you find out the total quantity of dissolved solids in water. It does not showcase the particular compounds or the sources of the compounds. Due to this, you need to carry out occasional servicing of your water purifier to determine the specific contaminants in the water. 

You can also find out if your drinking water’s total dissolved solid levels are harmful or healthy depending on the compounds or salts released. You can always look for RO service to treat your water purification system and eliminate the total dissolved solid levels above the permissible limit. 

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Regions that get water with high total dissolved solid levels are suggested to utilise water purifiers that use RO with total dissolved reliable controllers. The amalgamation of multiple water purification techniques eliminates dissolved chemical and physical contaminants from drinking water, making it perfect for drinking. Other than that, timely servicing of your water purifier is essential so that the water you are drinking is safe for your health.

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