Improve Your Online Videos’ Visibility By Boosting 8 Key Areas of SEO

You have heard that videos have become a craze for internet users. Further, the inside scoop that brands of all hues are leveraging videos to drive targeted audience engagement and lead conversion has pushed you to the edge with excitement.

You are also keen to capitalize on online videos to make your brand popular.

Hence, you have mobilized needful resources to create compelling visuals and wish to package them through eye-catching promo video templates.

Is this enough to make your videos visible on platforms that your leads frequent?

A little head-scratching will make you realize that your videos will compete with tons of other equally hypnotic ones.

What shall be your strategy then to boost your videos’ visibility? You need to focus on critical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) areas if you want your time, energy, and money invested in making videos for offering you rich dividends.

You can get insights into those areas in this post.


Top SEO Aspects For Boosting Visibility of Online Videos

Are you in a fix about how to make SEO work for your creative videos? Look no further. The section below will offer insights into boosting your videos’ online discoverability with proven tips for SEO.

Select An Appropriate Hosting Platform

Wondering how the choice of host is aligned with video SEO? Well, a good host like YouTube offers comprehensive benefits that facilitate the accomplishment of your video-driven brand awareness goals.

Choose a video host that:

  • Enjoys massive viewership in all niches
  • Indexes the published videos and makes them appear for relevant search queries on Google, etc.
  • Offers insights into audience engagement metrics with actionable analytics, heat maps, play rate, etc.

You can publish your videos on YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Wistia, or social platforms like Facebook, etc., based on the specific objective you want to achieve.

Deploy Engaging Video Thumbnails

Put yourself in the shoes of a viewer. Jump on to YouTube and start looking for videos that match your interest.

Which videos are you likely to click on? Ones that have clear, attractive, relevant, and good-resolution thumbnails.

Deploy tempting thumbnails on video host platforms to intuitively motivate viewers to click on your videos.

Carry out research on thumbnails used by your competitors. Try to improve upon the same by making your video thumbnails more customized, brand-oriented, and persuasive.

Remember, the frequency of opening your videos by viewers will make the host’s algorithm decide if the videos should be served a larger audience or not.

Optimize Video Title and Description

What do you do when you search for anything on Google? You type a few relevant keywords, and the search results float before your eyes. This implies that short and long-tail keywords determine your search outcomes to a significant extent.

Hence, you must include targeted keywords in the video title and description to make your videos more searchable. Research intensively about keywords that potential viewers are most likely to use for searching content relevant to your brand.

SEO is not limited to keywords only. You need to make each title meaningful, unique, and eye-catching, whereas the description needs to be concise, interest-arousing, direct, and informative.

Think from the perspective of viewers. They want a summarized description of video content and a clear call to action to decide their next course of action. Always visualize how best you can narrate your content in the video promo for the best SEO results.

Facilitate Better Indexing With Transcripts

Search engine bots can’t decipher your video’s audio. To make them rank your video higher for relevant organic searches, you must provide them with a written transcript of your video content with appropriate keywords.

Have you ever viewed a video that appeared interesting, but you couldn’t make sense of the words spoken in the video? Then, you can appreciate the importance of transcripts.

They boost engagement by improving the viewing experience of people who can’t figure out your accent, have a hearing problem, or want to enjoy the video in muted mode.

Optimize The Landing Page Of Your Website Containing a Video

If you are planning to deploy a video on your website’s landing page, you must organize the design and flow of the remaining content to complement the tone and message of the video.

The textual matter, graphics, meta description, and aesthetical elements of the website should be aligned with your video’s purpose.

Use relevant keywords in your webpage’s title and meta tag to improve discoverability. For example, if your video is meant to motivate viewers to earn through referral commission, the hue of the webpage can be green, and the images may show currency notes discreetly.

This will inspire viewers to watch your videos all through. And, the more time spent on a video, the higher its ranking in the search index.

Create Exclusive Webpages For Videos

Do you have any bitter experience of landing on a webpage to see a video but instead getting welcomed by an irrelevant, dull, and mind-numbing deluge of drab text?

Such an experience dissuades a lead forever from trusting a brand. So, raise your brand’s esteem by creating exclusive web pages for your videos.

Align the theme and atmospherics of the webpage with the motto of your video. Make each visit of a viewer more rewarding with engaging visual content. Motivate them to spend more time on the page and explore related sections of your website.

Give Preference To Most Relevant Video

If you are planning to cram your web pages with multiple videos thinking that the same would enhance viewer experience, you must get braced for a rude shock. Your SEO is bound to take a beating.

Never add diverse videos on the same page, as this makes it difficult for Google bots to index your page. Further, site visitors will feel distracted and often leave without browsing any video.

You must place only the best video on the webpage. Evaluate if the video is addressing the pain points of visitors, offering them actionable information, and motivating enough to make them respond to your call to action.

Capitalize On Social Platforms

All social platforms are promoting video content aggressively. This is your best bet to make your videos viral and get optimum organic ranking on search engines.

Create witty, informative, and purposeful mobile-optimized videos for social media. Post them through your brand pages or in the feeds of your followers.

Drive casual conversation around videos. Respond to the comments of viewers and ask them to like and share your videos. Optimum engagement will motivate Google to index and rank your videos higher.

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You must keep pace with the online trends and changing sentiments of viewers to ensure that your videos resonate with the targeted audience. SEO is increasingly getting organic, and hence catering to the needs, aspirations, and expectations of viewers with relevant visual content is imperative for the best results.

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